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Page 2Edit

From degravedi:

Schematics and text describe the Victoria & Albert Museum. (Right next to the Natural History Museum, which popped onto my radar because of it's brand new butterfly exhibit, Butterfly Explorers, which opened this month on April 8th).
It's from this book: A pictorial and descriptive guide to London and its environs
Text on pg 169 (171 in GoogleBooks); schematics on pg 166 (168 in GoogleBooks).

Page 7Edit

theclaw remembered that "The building behind the couple is the National Maritime Museum in the 1800's, it used to be a navel hospital IIRC."

When Jason said he was not a bad captain, no hook instead of hand, he was referring to Captain Hook from Peter Pan, duh. Given that Jean has sometimes appeared as the younger John, a Peter Pan reference is appropriate. However, it may have further relevance, given that the handwritten message on this document says "Looke for Hooke and Coade Annabell."

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