Helpful summary from Telos:

1. The Prisoner of Chillon - Page 111

2. The Wasteland (1922) - Page 111

3. [small snippet] - The Wasteland (section titled "A game of chess")

4. The Comedy of Errors - page 110 - 111

5. [Unknown at the moment - no hits on google]

6. The Greek myths, Volume 2 - page 216

7. The Greek myths‎ - page 130

8. A concise history of the theatre‎ - Page 110 - 111

9. Numbers 11-12, (Appears to be the King James Bible version.)

10. The Complete Herbal and English Physician Enlarged - Page 110 - 111

11. Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot‎ - Page 23

12. [unknown. No hits on google. Seems to be a book giving the root of names.)

13. [unknown. Searching a line from the page on Google's book search came up with 'Penguin dictionary of symbols', but I can't figure out anything on it yet. Will come back to.]

14a. Dictionary of riddles - Page 111(There are a lot of hits,but this is the one with it on page111)

14b. Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland [No hits came up with it on page 111, but, with all the reprints, I don't think it matters which this came from exactly. If wrong, I'll find the specific print.]

15a. [Unknown. No hits on google. Appears to be a school book or from some sort of educational book. Appears to be recent.]

15b. [unknown. Appears to be a dictionary page.]

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